Honors Obtained

Shanghai Pujiang Talents Program

Overseas High-level Entrepreneurial Talent of Yangpu District, Shanghai

Expert of Sichuan Thousand Talents Program

Expert of Chengdu Talents Program

Overseas High-level Talent of Sichuan Province

Backup Candidate for Academic and Technical Leader of Sichuan Province

National Technology Enterprise Incubator – Incubating Enterprise

Private Enterprise with Advantages in respect of Military and Civilian Integration in Chengdu City

Introduction of High-end Projects from Shanghai Municipality to Chengdu City

Xinqiao Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance of China Overseas Chinese Federation

Post-doctoral Innovative Practice Base of Yangpu District

Third prize in the ninth Forum for Chinese in Europe “Smart City, Green Life” Program Roadshow

First place in Sichuan Division of the sixth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Shortlisted for the Industry Final of the sixth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Second place in the Final of 2017 “Entrepreneur China” Sichuan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

TOP5 in the sixth Dongsha Lake Cup “Thousand Talents Program” Entrepreneurship Competition

Star of Enlightenment – Award of Clean Technology Entrepreneurship of Asian Development Bank

Winning prize in the first Start of Entrepreneurship Competition of Yangpu District

Prize in the first Tsinghua Alumni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Award of innovation in practice of industrial robot

Top meeting ISR paper

Intellectual Property Rights



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