Professional Robot Customization Service

The Company possesses indoor and outdoor autonomous positioning and navigation, robot overall scheme design, robot platform design, robot control, multi-robot collaborative operation, commercial software development, multi-sensor data fusion analysis, industrial design and other core technologies and has successfully built a core R&D team composed of nearly 20 senior engineers with a master’s degree in the field of robot graduated from famous universities including Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tongji University, etc. It can provide professional customized robot design services in accordance with application demands of special robots.


Field Detection Robot

It is for the field work environment and applies a crawler-type robot platform. Based on multi-sensor information fusion and high-precision positioning and navigation, it adapts to sand, grass and other complex environments. It can be optionally equipped with metal detector, geological radar, life detector and other detecting instrument, to realize a variety of intelligent operations in the field.

Container Detection Robot

The robot is small in size and can achieve precise positioning in the container. It autonomously crawls on the ceiling of small container and carries a high-definition camera, infrared camera, etc. and can be used for inspection of entrainment by customs.

Intelligent Physiotherapy Device

Based on ergonomic design and all-dimensional three-dimensional audio-visual interaction, it makes the physiotherapy process more comfortable.