Underwater Robot Detection System

Underwater robot detection system is composed of an underwater robot and a water surface control and analysis system. The underwater robot can operate in the deep water area with the depth of up to 300m. It can carry underwater camera, underwater vidicon, high precision crack detection sonar, laser measurement system, turbidity sensor and other detection instruments as well as manipulator, cleaning brush, cavitating jet gun and other light operation tools. The water surface control system can conduct real-time underwater monitoring, underwater operation task management, and automatic storage of detection data, identify defects  through intelligent data processing algorithms and generate the detection report. The system is applicable to the overhaul of underwater structures, e.g. piers, dams, culverts, ports, etc.


Dimensions:850mm(L)×800mm(W)×600mm(H) (customizable)
Weight in the air:20-60kg
Working depth:0-300m
Headway in still water:3-4 Knots
Quantity of propeller:4-6
Power supply:Umbilical power supply
Way of control :Remote control on water surface, autonomous navigation
Way of communication :Umbilical communication
Loading capacity :0-20kg
Extension and retraction system:a extension and retraction system for large capacity umbilical cable integrated in container, provided with a electric slip ring and a cranking handle.