Rail Facility Detection Robot

Rail facility detection robot adopts the rail-type mobile platform and is equipped with combined profiled high-definition vision sensor, impact echo instrument, and ground penetrating radar. It achieves efficient comprehensive defect detection of rail track slab, aerial line system, tunnel vault, and auxiliary structures of track through the multi-sensor information fusion and precise positioning by encoder, etc. The data automation analysis and processing background software including in-depth study, multi-modal data fusion, etc. automatically generates detection report and forms the big data of health conditions of rail facilities.


Dimensions: 1400mm×1200mm×800mm (customizable)
Weight: 500kg
Walking speed: 0-20km/h
Gradeability: 20°
Positioning accuracy: 5-10cm
Way of operation: Autonomous operation + remote control
Way of power supply: Battery powered
Continuous working hours: 4-6h
Single detection width: 2m (customizable)
Maximum detection depth: 100cm (customizable)

Ground facilities defect detection module:
Crack, mud spillover, damage, etc. of track slab
Crack, mud spillover, etc. of the joint between track bed and duct piece
Loss, damage, crack, etc. of track fasteners
Disengagement at the bottom of track slab
Tunnel vault defect detection module:
Damage, crack, etc. of duct piece
Water leakage of duct piece
Opening of duct piece joints
Overhead line system defect detection module:
Damage, wear and deviation of overhead line system
Damage, crack and straightness of busbar
Damage of insulator
Assets survey module:
Power distribution box, meter, and cable Signage

Introduction of Typical Application Scenarios

Detection of Civil Structure of High-speed Rail

The impact echo, ground penetrating radar and other civil engineering non-destructive detection sensors are used to conduct disease detection for the bottom plate of high-speed rail to find out voiding, loose soil and other hidden diseases in a timely manner, and detect the apparent diseases of civil structure to ensure the operation safety of high-speed rail.

Track Ground Structure Detection

The whole line detection for the fasteners of steel rail and track slabs of metro can eliminate the damaged, loose and falling fasteners and other risks and promptly find out the cracks, frost boiling, break and other diseases of bottom plate of rail to accurately position disease and provide efficient and accurate detection results for the maintenance by public works and other teams.

Detection of Track Dome Structure

The profiling high-definition camera array is used to conduct full line detection for the civil structure and overhead line system facilities of metro tunnel dome to accurately position diseases and promptly find out leakage of water, cracks and other civil diseases and detect the width of contact line, defects of busbar, etc. of overhead line system. The defects are rapidly identified with the visual assistance of computer.

Detection of Light Rail Facilities

Operating mechanism of high sensitivity can be equipped with sensors to conduct full line detection for light rail, monorail structure and facilities, detect diseases of civil structures and track structures, ensure accurate positioning and rapidly identify defects with the visual assistance of computer.