Air-sea-land Three-dimensional Detection Service

Guimu Robot has a number of robot products including pavement detection robot, unmanned aerial vehicle routing inspection system, cable-climbing/wall-climbing detection robot, underwater robot detection system, etc., and can provide comprehensive intelligent detection for ground, aerial and underwater structures of airport and highway facilities, rail transit facilities, large ocean engineering equipment and other major capital-intensive infrastructures. Artificial intelligence and big data methods are systematically used for intelligent diagnosis of facilities’ health conditions.

Pavement Detection Robot

Pavement detection robot is composed of an intelligent mobile platform and professional sensor. The robot has high-precision positioning and autonomous navigation functions. The flexible operating mechanism carries sensors to achieve stable high-precision detection. The sensors include ground penetrating radar, impact echo instrument, laser radar, 3D camera, etc. and can be used for intelligent data analysis for the appearance and internal defects of ground infrastructures including airport road, (expressway) highway, bridge and tunnel pavement, rail transit, etc. to get big data of facilities’ health conditions.

Highway pavement detection robot

Rail detection robot

Airfield pavement detection robot

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Underwater Robot

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The unmanned aerial vehicle patrol system combines composite wing and multi-rotor wings unmanned aerial vehicles to achieve large range patrol and fine detection functions. The system consists of task management, track planning, status monitoring, remote broadcast, data management and intelligent analysis, electronic fence, equipment management and authority management modules. For customized application segments, customization functions have been developed to achieve unattended and autonomous operation of daily or special tasks and used for overhaul of hollowed infrastructures, highway patrol inspection, traffic management, accident investigation, disaster emergency and so on.

Underwater Robot

Underwater robot detection system is composed of an underwater robot and a water surface control and analysis system. The underwater robot can operate in the deep water area with the depth of up to 300m. It can carry underwater camera, underwater vidicon, high precision crack detection sonar, laser size measurement system, turbidity sensor and other detection instruments as well as manipulator, cleaning brush, cavitating jet gun and other light operation tools. The water surface control system can conduct real-time underwater monitoring, underwater operation task management, and automatic storage of detection data, identify disease through intelligent data processing algorithms and generate the detection report. The system is applicable to the overhaul of underwater structures, e.g. piers, dams, culverts, ports, etc.

Robot Customization Service

The Company possesses indoor and outdoor autonomous positioning and navigation, robot overall scheme design, robot platform design, robot control, multi-robot collaborative operation, commercial software development, multi-sensor data fusion analysis, industrial design and other core technologies, and has independently developed wheeled, crawler-type, creeping and other robot platforms. The technical team is a top robot design team composed of multi-discipline senior engineers in terms of machinery, control, algorithm, industrial design, artificial intelligence, civil engineering, etc. and can provide customized robot design services in accordance with actual application demands.