Shanghai Guimu Robot Co., Ltd.

Professional service robot company

Shanghai Guimu Robot Co., Ltd., established in Shanghai in May 2016 with the registered capital of RMB 7,428,800 Yuan, is dedicated to the provision of intelligent overhaul products, services and solutions for capital-intensive facilities and robots as well as customized robot design services.

The Company possesses indoor and outdoor autonomous positioning and navigation, robot overall scheme design, robot platform design, robot control, multi-robot collaborative operation, commercial software development, multi-sensor data fusion analysis, industrial design and other core technologies, and has independently developed wheeled, crawler-type, creeping and other robot platforms. It has applied for 56 patents of proprietary intellectual property rights and is the world’s first professional service robot company with the capacity of three-dimensional and comprehensive overhaul for major infrastructures and robots used in the sea and air and on land.

The Company adheres to the operation philosophy of “innovation, share, participation and opening”, product philosophy of “intelligent, efficient, economical and safe”, management philosophy of “equality, opening and efficiency” and the corporate culture of “dedication to work, pursuit of excellence, self-discipline and social commitment, and actions speak louder than words”. It aims at achieving win-win cooperation of staff, enterprise and partners and assisting the safe and efficient operation of infrastructures.

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