On May 2, 2017, the first working day after the Labor Day, at the “Mass Entrepreneurial Talent Support Program of Yangpu District, Shanghai” and the award ceremony of the first “Star of Entrepreneurship” held at the auditorium of Children’s Palace in Yangpu District, Guimu Robot was invited to attend the ceremony.

In September of last year, Shanghai Guimu Robot Co., Ltd., which has just been established for 3 months, took the “pavement maintenance robot” project to participate in the program. It is also the first program participated by the Company in Shanghai after its establishment. After the first victory, the Company gained double confidence! Every step of Guimu Robot has been successively and widely recognized by the government, society and investment banks and won a number of honors and awards! Recently, Shanghai Guimu Robot Co., Ltd. has won the honor of “National High-Tech Business Incubator – Incubating Enterprise” and become a key incubating enterprise of Tongji Science Park.

With the progress of product research and development, Guimu Robot has expanded its product lines starting from pavement detection and maintenance robot in a planned way, involving rope climbing robot, wall climbing robot, container detection robot, routing inspection UAV, etc. Subsequently, the Company will increase efforts for research and development of innovative robot products with strong pertinence, e.g. underwater robot, mine-clearing robot, etc. Guimu Robot has gradually grown into a professional service robot company with three-dimensional and comprehensive maintenance ability for air-sea-land robots.